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Highland League fixtures: Forres Mechanics start with trip to Strathspey Thistle as festive double-header with Lossiemouth is announced

By Jonathan Clark

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THE fixtures for the upcoming 2022-23 Highland League season have been announced.

Slightly delayed due to an appeal from Fort William – who, it is now known, won't be playing in the league next season – the fixtures were confirmed on Thursday night.

Forres Mechanics will get their campaign underway on July 23 at Strathspey Thistle, managed by former Cans favourite Charlie Brown.

The first home game comes the week after on Saturday, July 30, with Brechin City the visitors.

The Scottish Cup first round will take place on Saturday, September 17. The Highland League Cup final will take place on April 8, 2023.

The traditional Christmas and New Year derbies are pencilled in for December 27 and January 3. However, this year Forres Mechanics will take on Lossiemouth, as Nairn County face a double header with Clachnacuddin.

New Year and Christmas fixtures will see a double header between Lossiemouth and Forres Mechanics. Picture: Daniel Forsyth
New Year and Christmas fixtures will see a double header between Lossiemouth and Forres Mechanics. Picture: Daniel Forsyth

Forres Mechanics fixtures 2022-23

Sat, July 23: Strathspey Thistle (a)

Sat, July 30: Brechin City (h)

Sat, Aug 6: Nairn County (a)

Sat, Aug 13: Inverurie Loco Works (a)

Sat, Aug 20: Huntly (h)

Wed, Aug 24: Brora Rangers (a)

Sat, Aug 27: Keith (h)

Sat, Sep 3: Turriff United (a)

Sat, Sep 10: Clachnacuddin (h)

Sat, Sep 24: Banks O' Dee (a)

Sat, Oct 1: Rothes (h)

Wed, Oct 5: Wick Academy (h)

Sat, Oct 8: Formartine United (a)

Sat, Oct 15: Deveronvale (h)

Sat, Oct 29: Buckie Thistle (a)

Sat, Nov 5: Fraserburgh (h)

Sat, Nov 19: Brechin City (a)

Sat, Nov 26: Nairn County (h)

Sat, Dec 10: Inverurie Loco Works (h)

Sat, Dec 17: Huntly (a)

Tues, Dec 27: Lossiemouth (h)

Tues, Jan 3: Lossiemouth (a)

Sat, Jan 7: Strathspey Thistle (h)

Sat, Jan 14: Brora Rangers (h)

Sat, Jan 21: Keith (a)

Sat, Jan 28: Turriff United (h)

Sat, Feb 4: Clachnacuddin (a)

Sat, Feb 11: Banks O' Dee (h)

Sat, Feb 18: Rothes (a)

Sat, Feb 25: Wick Academy (a)

Sat, Mar 11: Formartine United (h)

Sat, Mar 18: Deveronvale (a)

Sat, Apr 1: Buckie Thistle (h)

Sat, April 15: Fraserburgh (a)

Highland League fixtures in full

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Buckie Thistle v Wick Academy

Keith v Brora Rangers

Fraserburgh v Deveronvale

Turriff United v Huntly

Lossiemouth v Formartine United

Clachnacuddin v Inverurie Loco Works

Strathspey Thistle v Forres Mechanics

Banks O Dee v Nairn County

Brechin City v Rothes

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Wick Academy v Keith

Buckie Thistle v Fraserburgh

Brora Rangers v Turriff United

Deveronvale v Lossiemouth

Huntly v Clachnacuddin

Formartine United v Strathspey Thistle

Inverurie Loco Works v Banks O Dee

Forres Mechanics v Brechin City

Nairn County v Rothes

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Fraserburgh v Wick Academy

Turriff United v Keith

Lossiemouth v Buckie Thistle

Clachnacuddin v Brora Rangers

Strathspey Thistle v Deveronvale

Banks O Dee v Huntly

Brechin City v Formartine United

Rothes v Inverurie Loco Works

Nairn County v Forres Mechanics

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Wick Academy v Turriff United

Fraserburgh v Lossiemouth

Keith v Clachnacuddin

Buckie Thistle v Strathspey Thistle

Brora Rangers v Banks O Dee

Deveronvale v Brechin City

Huntly v Rothes

Formartine United v Nairn County

Inverurie Loco Works v Forres Mechanics

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Lossiemouth v Wick Academy

Clachnacuddin v Turriff United

Strathspey Thistle v Fraserburgh

Banks O Dee v Keith

Brechin City v Buckie Thistle

Rothes v Brora Rangers

Nairn County v Deveronvale

Forres Mechanics v Huntly

Inverurie Loco Works v Formartine United

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Wick Academy v Clachnacuddin

Lossiemouth v Strathspey Thistle

Turriff United v Banks O Dee

Fraserburgh v Brechin City

Keith v Rothes

Buckie Thistle v Nairn County

Brora Rangers v Forres Mechanics

Deveronvale v Inverurie Loco Works

Huntly v Formartine United

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Strathspey Thistle v Wick Academy

Banks O Dee v Clachnacuddin

Brechin City v Lossiemouth

Rothes v Turriff United

Nairn County v Fraserburgh

Forres Mechanics v Keith

Inverurie Loco Works v Buckie Thistle

Formartine United v Brora Rangers

Huntly v Deveronvale

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Wick Academy v Banks O Dee

Strathspey Thistle v Brechin City

Clachnacuddin v Rothes

Lossiemouth v Nairn County

Turriff United v Forres Mechanics

Fraserburgh v Inverurie Loco Works

Keith v Formartine United

Buckie Thistle v Huntly

Brora Rangers v Deveronvale

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Brechin City v Wick Academy

Rothes v Banks O Dee

Nairn County v Strathspey Thistle

Forres Mechanics v Clachnacuddin

Inverurie Loco Works v Lossiemouth

Formartine United v Turriff United

Huntly v Fraserburgh

Deveronvale v Keith

Brora Rangers v Buckie Thistle

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Wick Academy v Rothes

Brechin City v Nairn County

Banks O Dee v Forres Mechanics

Strathspey Thistle v Inverurie Loco Works

Clachnacuddin v Formartine United Lossiemouth v Huntly

Turriff United v Deveronvale

Fraserburgh v Brora Rangers

Keith v Buckie Thistle

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Nairn County v Wick Academy

Forres Mechanics v Rothes

Inverurie Loco Works v Brechin City

Formartine United v Banks O Dee

Huntly v Strathspey Thistle

Deveronvale v Clachnacuddin

Brora Rangers v Lossiemouth

Buckie Thistle v Turriff United

Keith v Fraserburgh

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Forres Mechanics v Wick Academy

Nairn County v Inverurie Loco Works

Rothes v Formartine United

Brechin City v Huntly

Banks O Dee v Deveronvale

Strathspey Thistle v Brora Rangers

Clachnacuddin v Buckie Thistle

Lossiemouth v Keith

Turriff United v Fraserburgh

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Wick Academy v Inverurie Loco Works

Formartine United v Forres Mechanics

Huntly v Nairn County

Deveronvale v Rothes

Brora Rangers v Brechin City

Buckie Thistle v Banks O Dee

Keith v Strathspey Thistle

Fraserburgh v Clachnacuddin

Turriff United v Lossiemouth

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Wick Academy v Formartine United

Inverurie Loco Works v Huntly

Forres Mechanics v Deveronvale

Nairn County v Brora Rangers

Rothes v Buckie Thistle

Brechin City v Keith

Banks O Dee v Fraserburgh

Strathspey Thistle v Turriff United

Clachnacuddin v Lossiemouth

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Huntly v Wick Academy

Deveronvale v Formartine United

Brora Rangers v Inverurie Loco Works

Buckie Thistle v Forres Mechanics

Keith v Nairn County

Fraserburgh v Rothes

Turriff United v Brechin City

Lossiemouth v Banks O Dee

Clachnacuddin v Strathspey Thistle

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Wick Academy v Deveronvale

Huntly v Brora Rangers

Formartine United v Buckie Thistle

Inverurie Loco Works v Keith

Forres Mechanics v Fraserburgh

Nairn County v Turriff United

Rothes v Lossiemouth

Brechin City v Clachnacuddin

Strathspey Thistle v Banks O Dee

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Keith v Wick Academy

Fraserburgh v Buckie Thistle

Turriff United v Brora Rangers

Lossiemouth v Deveronvale

Clachnacuddin v Huntly

Strathspey Thistle v Formartine United

Banks O Dee v Inverurie Loco Works

Brechin City v Forres Mechanics

Rothes v Nairn County

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Wick Academy v Fraserburgh

Keith v Turriff United

Buckie Thistle v Lossiemouth

Brora Rangers v Clachnacuddin

Deveronvale v Strathspey Thistle

Huntly v Banks O Dee

Formartine United v Brechin City

Inverurie Loco Works v Rothes

Forres Mechanics v Nairn County

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Turriff United v Wick Academy

Lossiemouth v Fraserburgh

Clachnacuddin v Keith

Strathspey Thistle v Buckie Thistle

Banks O Dee v Brora Rangers

Brechin City v Deveronvale

Rothes v Huntly

Nairn County v Formartine United

Forres Mechanics v Inverurie Loco Works

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Wick Academy v Lossiemouth

Turriff United v Clachnacuddin

Fraserburgh v Strathspey Thistle

Keith v Banks O Dee

Buckie Thistle v Brechin City

Brora Rangers v Rothes

Deveronvale v Nairn County

Huntly v Forres Mechanics

Formartine United v Inverurie Loco Works

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Wick Academy v Brora Rangers

Deveronvale v Buckie Thistle

Huntly v Keith

Formartine United v Fraserburgh

Inverurie Loco Works v Turriff United

Forres Mechanics v Lossiemouth

Nairn County v Clachnacuddin

Rothes v Strathspey Thistle

Brechin City v Banks O Dee

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Brora Rangers v Wick Academy

Buckie Thistle v Deveronvale

Keith v Huntly

Fraserburgh v Formartine United

Turriff United v Inverurie Loco Works

Lossiemouth v Forres Mechanics

Clachnacuddin v Nairn County

Strathspey Thistle v Rothes

Banks O Dee v Brechin City

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Wick Academy v Buckie Thistle

Brora Rangers v Keith

Deveronvale v Fraserburgh

Huntly v Turriff United

Formartine United v Lossiemouth

Inverurie Loco Works v Clachnacuddin

Forres Mechanics v Strathspey Thistle

Nairn County v Banks O Dee

Rothes v Brechin City

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Clachnacuddin v Wick Academy

Strathspey Thistle v Lossiemouth

Banks O Dee v Turriff United

Brechin City v Fraserburgh

Rothes v Keith

Nairn County v Buckie Thistle

Forres Mechanics v Brora Rangers

Inverurie Loco Works v Deveronvale

Formartine United v Huntly

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Wick Academy v Strathspey Thistle

Clachnacuddin v Banks O Dee

Lossiemouth v Brechin City

Turriff United v Rothes

Fraserburgh v Nairn County

Keith v Forres Mechanics

Buckie Thistle v Inverurie Loco Works

Brora Rangers v Formartine United

Deveronvale v Huntly

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Banks O Dee v Wick Academy

Brechin City v Strathspey Thistle

Rothes v Clachnacuddin

Nairn Count v v Lossiemouth

Forres Mechanics v Turriff United

Inverurie Loco Works v Fraserburgh

Formartine United v Keith

Huntly v Buckie Thistle

Deveronvale v Brora Rangers

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Wick Academy v Brechin City

Banks O Dee v Rothes

Strathspey Thistle v Nairn County Clachnacuddin v Forres Mechanics

Lossiemouth v Inverurie Loco Works

Turriff United v Formartine United

Fraserburgh v Huntly

Keith v Deveronvale

Buckie Thistle v Brora Rangers

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Rothes v Wick Academy

Nairn County v Brechin City

Forres Mechanics v Banks O Dee

Inverurie Loco Works v Strathspey Thistle

Formartine United v Clachnacuddin

Huntly v Lossiemouth

Deveronvale v Turriff United

Brora Rangers v Fraserburgh

Buckie Thistle v Keith

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Wick Academy v Nairn County

Rothes v Forres Mechanics

Brechin City v Inverurie Loco Works

Banks O Dee v Formartine United

Strathspey Thistle v Huntly

Clachnacuddin v Deveronvale

Lossiemouth v Brora Rangers

Turriff United v Buckie Thistle

Fraserburgh v Keith

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Wick Academy v Forres Mechanics

Inverurie Loco Works v Nairn County

Formartine United v Rothes

Huntly v Brechin City

Deveronvale v Banks O Dee

Brora Rangers v Strathspey Thistle

Buckie Thistle v Clachnacuddin

Keith v Lossiemouth

Fraserburgh v Turriff United

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Inverurie Loco Works v Wick Academy

Forres Mechanics v Formartine United

Nairn County v Huntly

Rothes v Deveronvale

Brechin City v Brora Rangers

Banks O Dee v Buckie Thistle

Strathspey Thistle v Keith

Clachnacuddin v Fraserburgh

Lossiemouth v Turriff United

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Formartine United v Wick Academy

Huntly v Inverurie Loco Works

Deveronvale v Forres Mechanics

Brora Rangers v Nairn County

Buckie Thistle v Rothes

Keith v Brechin City

Fraserburgh v Banks O Dee

Turriff United v Strathspey Thistle

Lossiemouth v Clachnacuddin

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Wick Academy v Huntly

Formartine United v Deveronvale

Inverurie Loco Works v Brora Rangers

Forres Mechanics v Buckie Thistle

Nairn County v Keith

Rothes v Fraserburgh

Brechin City v Turriff United

Banks O Dee v Lossiemouth

Strathspey Thistle v Clachnacuddin

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Deveronvale v Wick Academy

Brora Rangers v Huntly

Buckie Thistle v Formartine United

Keith v Inverurie Loco Works

Fraserburgh v Forres Mechanics

Turriff United v Nairn County

Lossiemouth v Rothes

Clachnacuddin v Brechin City

Banks O Dee v Strathspey Thistle

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