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Buckie Thistle begin Highland League title defence against Nairn County

By Craig Christie

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Buckie Thistle will begin the defence of their Highland League title with a home game against Nairn County.

Buckie Thistle lift the 2023-24 Highland League trophy. Picture: Tyler McNeill
Buckie Thistle lift the 2023-24 Highland League trophy. Picture: Tyler McNeill

The league flag will be unfurled at Victoria Park - it will be new boss Lewis MacKinnon’s first league game - on Saturday, July 27 providing that Jags don’t have a group match in the League Cup that day.

There’s a Moray derby on day one when Forres Mechanics host Rothes, while Eddie Wolecki Black’s first match in charge of Lossiemouth is against Clach at Grant Park.

Keith host last season’s runners-up Brechin City in their opener, again the date is provisional depending on Brechin’s cup commitments.

Garry Wood’s first competitive game at the Deveronvale helm is at home to Inverurie Locos.

Full Highland League fixtures list.

Saturday, July 27
Huntly v Strathspey Thistle
Brora Rangers v Turriff United
Wick Academy v Fraserburgh
Forres Mechanics v Rothes
Deveronvale v Inverurie Loco Works
Formartine United v Banks o’ Dee
*Buckie Thistle v Nairn County
Lossiemouth v Clachnacuddin
Keith v Brechin City*

*Buckie and Brechin matches will be played on Wednesday July 31 if they have a League Cup fixture on July 27

Saturday, August 3
Strathspey Thistle v Brora Rangers
Huntly v Wick Academy
Turriff United v Forres Mechanics
Fraserburgh v Deveronvale
Rothes v Formartine United
Inverurie Loco Works v Buckie Thistle
Banks o’ Dee v Lossiemouth
Nairn County v Brechin City
Clachnacuddin v Keith

Wednesday, August 7
Wick Academy v Strathspey Thistle
Forres Mechanics v Brora Rangers
Deveronvale v Huntly
Formartine United v Turriff United
Buckie Thistle v Fraserburgh
Lossiemouth v Rothes
Brechin City v Inverurie Loco Works
Keith v Banks o’ Dee
Clachnacuddin v Nairn County

Saturday, August 10
Strathspey Thistle v Forres Mechanics
Wick Academy v Deveronvale
Brora Rangers v Formartine United
Huntly v Buckie Thistle
Turriff United v Lossiemouth
Fraserburgh v Brechin City
Rothes v Keith
Inverurie Loco Works v Clachnacuddin
Banks o’ Dee v Nairn County

Saturday, August 17
Deveronvale v Strathspey Thistle
Formartine United v Forres Mechanics
Buckie Thistle v Wick Academy
Lossiemouth v Brora Rangers
Brechin City v Huntly
Keith v Turriff United
Clachnacuddin v Fraserburgh
Nairn County v Rothes
Banks o’ Dee v Inverurie Loco Works

Saturday, August 24
Strathspey Thistle v Formartine United
Deveronvale v Buckie Thistle
Forres Mechanics v Lossiemouth
Wick Academy v Brechin City
Brora Rangers v Keith
Huntly v Clachnacuddin
Turriff United v Nairn County
Fraserburgh v Banks o’ Dee
Rothes v Inverurie Loco Works

Wednesday, August 28
Buckie Thistle v Strathspey Thistle
Lossiemouth v Formartine United
Brechin City v Deveronvale
Keith v Forres Mechanics
Clachnacuddin v Wick Academy
Nairn County v Brora Rangers
Banks o’ Dee v Huntly
Inverurie Loco Works v Turriff United
Rothes v Fraserburgh

Saturday, August 31
Strathspey Thistle v Lossiemouth
Buckie Thistle v Brechin City
Formartine United v Keith
Deveronvale v Clachnacuddin
Forres Mechanics v Nairn County
Wick Academy v Banks o’ Dee
Brora Rangers v Inverurie Loco Works
Huntly v Rothes
Turriff United v Fraserburgh

Saturday, September 7
Brechin City v Strathspey Thistle
Keith v Lossiemouth
Clachnacuddin v Buckie Thistle
Nairn County v Formartine United
Banks o’ Dee v Deveronvale
Inverurie Loco Works v Forres Mechanics
Rothes v Wick Academy
Fraserburgh v Brora Rangers
Turriff United v Huntly

Saturday, September 14

Highland League Cup preliminary round plus league fixtures

Strathspey Thistle v Keith
Brechin City v Clachnacuddin
Lossiemouth v Nairn County
Buckie Thistle v Banks o’ Dee
Formartine United v Inverurie Loco Works
Deveronvale v Rothes
Forres Mechanics v Fraserburgh
Wick Academy v Turriff United
Brora Rangers v Huntly

Wednesday, September 18
Clachnacuddin v Strathspey Thistle
Nairn County v Keith
Banks o’ Dee v Brechin City
Inverurie Loco Works v Lossiemouth
Rothes v Buckie Thistle
Fraserburgh v Formartine United
Turriff United v Deveronvale
Huntly v Forres Mechanics
Brora Rangers v Wick Academy

Saturday, September 21
Nairn County v Strathspey Thistle
Clachnacuddin v Banks o’ Dee
Keith v Inverurie Loco Works
Brechin City v Rothes
Lossiemouth v Fraserburgh
Buckie Thistle v Turriff United
Formartine United v Huntly
Deveronvale v Brora Rangers
Forres Mechanics v Wick Academy

Saturday, September 28

Scottish Cup first round

Saturday, October 5
Strathspey Thistle v Banks o’ Dee
Inverurie Loco Works v Nairn County
Rothes v Clachnacuddin
Fraserburgh v Keith
Turriff United v Brechin City
Huntly v Lossiemouth
Brora Rangers v Buckie Thistle
Wick Academy v Formartine United
Forres Mechanics v Deveronvale

Saturday, October 12
Strathspey Thistle v Inverurie Loco Works
Banks o’ Dee v Rothes
Nairn County v Fraserburgh
Clachnacuddin v Turriff United
Keith v Huntly
Brechin City v Brora Rangers
Lossiemouth v Wick Academy
Buckie Thistle v Forres Mechanics
Formartine United v Deveronvale

Saturday, October 19
Rothes v Strathspey Thistle
Fraserburgh v Inverurie Loco Works
Turriff United v Banks o’ Dee
Huntly v Nairn County
Brora Rangers v Clachnacuddin
Wick Academy v Keith
Forres Mechanics v Brechin City
Deveronvale v Lossiemouth
Formartine United v Buckie Thistle

Saturday, October 26

Scottish Cup second round

Saturday, November 2
Strathspey Thistle v Fraserburgh
Rothes v Turriff United
Inverurie Loco Works v Huntly
Banks O Dee v Brora Rangers
Nairn County v Wick Academy
Clachnacuddin v Forres Mechanics
Keith v Deveronvale
Brechin City v Formartine United
Buckie Thistle v Lossiemouth

Saturday, November 9

Highland League Cup first round

Saturday, November 16
Turriff United v Strathspey Thistle
Huntly v Fraserburgh
Brora Rangers v Rothes
Wick Academy v Inverurie Loco Works
Forres Mechanics v Banks o’ Dee
Deveronvale v Nairn County
Formartine United v Clachnacuddin
Keith v Buckie Thistle
Lossiemouth v Brechin City

Saturday, November 23
Strathspey Thistle v Huntly
Turriff United v Brora Rangers
Fraserburgh v Wick Academy
Rothes v Forres Mechanics
Inverurie Loco Works v Deveronvale
Banks o’ Dee v Formartine United
Nairn County v Buckie Thistle
Clachnacuddin v Lossiemouth
Brechin City v Keith

Saturday, November 30
Brora Rangers v Strathspey Thistle
Wick Academy v Huntly
Forres Mechanics v Turriff United
Deveronvale v Fraserburgh
Formartine United v Rothes
Buckie Thistle v Inverurie Loco Works
Lossiemouth v Banks o’ Dee
Brechin City v Nairn County
Keith v Clachnacuddin

Saturday, December 7

Highland League Cup second round

Saturday, December 14

Strathspey Thistle v Wick Academy
Brora Rangers v Forres Mechanics
Huntly v Deveronvale
Turriff United v Formartine United
Fraserburgh v Buckie Thistle
Rothes v Lossiemouth
Inverurie Loco Works v Brechin City
Banks o’ Dee v Keith
Nairn County v Clachnacuddin

Saturday, December 21
Forres Mechanics v Strathspey Thistle
Deveronvale v Wick Academy
Formartine United v Brora Rangers
Buckie Thistle v Huntly
Lossiemouth v Turriff United
Brechin City v Fraserburgh
Keith v Rothes
Clachnacuddin v Inverurie Loco Works
Nairn County v Banks o’ Dee

Saturday, December 28
Strathspey Thistle v Deveronvale
Forres Mechanics v Formartine United
Wick Academy v Buckie Thistle
Brora Rangers v Lossiemouth
Huntly v Brechin City
Turriff United v Keith
Fraserburgh v Clachnacuddin
Rothes v Nairn County
Inverurie Loco Works v Banks o’ Dee

Saturday, January 4
Formartine United v Strathspey Thistle
Buckie Thistle v Deveronvale
Lossiemouth v Forres Mechanics
Brechin City v Wick Academy
Keith v Brora Rangers
Clachnacuddin v Huntly
Nairn County v Turriff United
Banks o’ Dee v Fraserburgh
Inverurie Loco Works v Rothes

Saturday, January 11
Strathspey Thistle v Buckie Thistle
Formartine United v Lossiemouth
Deveronvale v Brechin City
Forres Mechanics v Keith
Wick Academy v Clachnacuddin
Brora Rangers v Nairn County
Huntly v Banks o’ Dee
Turriff United v Inverurie Loco Works
Fraserburgh v Rothes

Saturday, January 18
Lossiemouth v Strathspey Thistle
Brechin City v Buckie Thistle
Keith v Formartine United
Clachnacuddin v Deveronvale
Nairn County v Forres Mechanics
Banks o’ Dee v Wick Academy
Inverurie Loco Works v Brora Rangers
Rothes v Huntly
Fraserburgh v Turriff United

Saturday, January 25
Strathspey Thistle v Brechin City
Lossiemouth v Keith
Buckie Thistle v Clachnacuddin
Formartine United v Nairn County
Deveronvale v Banks o’ Dee
Forres Mechanics v Inverurie Loco Works
Wick Academy v Rothes
Brora Rangers v Fraserburgh
Huntly v Turriff United

Saturday, February 1
Keith v Strathspey Thistle
Clachnacuddin v Brechin City
Nairn County v Lossiemouth
Banks o’ Dee v Buckie Thistle
Inverurie Loco Works v Formartine United
Rothes v Deveronvale
Fraserburgh v Forres Mechanics
Turriff United v Wick Academy
Huntly v Brora Rangers

Saturday, February 8
Strathspey Thistle v Clachnacuddin
Keith v Nairn County
Brechin City v Banks o’ Dee
Lossiemouth v Inverurie Loco Works
Buckie Thistle v Rothes
Formartine United v Fraserburgh
Deveronvale v Turriff United
Forres Mechanics v Huntly
Wick Academy v Brora Rangers

Saturday, February 15

Reserved for catch-up fixtures

Saturday, February 22
Strathspey Thistle v Nairn County
Banks o’ Dee v Clachnacuddin
Inverurie Loco Works v Keith
Rothes v Brechin City
Fraserburgh v Lossiemouth
Turriff United v Buckie Thistle
Huntly v Formartine United
Brora Rangers v Deveronvale
Wick Academy v Forres Mechanics

Saturday, March 1

Highland League Cup semi-finals and Highland League catch-up fixtures

Saturday, March 8
Banks o’ Dee v Strathspey Thistle
Nairn County v Inverurie Loco Works
Clachnacuddin v Rothes
Keith v Fraserburgh
Brechin City v Turriff United
Lossiemouth v Huntly
Buckie Thistle v Brora Rangers
Formartine United v Wick Academy
Deveronvale v Forres Mechanics

Saturday, March 15
Inverurie Loco Works v Strathspey Thistle
Rothes v Banks o’ Dee
Fraserburgh v Nairn County
Turriff United v Clachnacuddin
Huntly v Keith
Brora Rangers v Brechin City
Wick Academy v Lossiemouth
Forres Mechanics v Buckie Thistle
Deveronvale v Formartine United

Saturday, March 22
Strathspey Thistle v Rothes
Inverurie Loco Works v Fraserburgh
Banks o’ Dee v Turriff United
Nairn County v Huntly
Clachnacuddin v Brora Rangers
Keith v Wick Academy
Brechin City v Forres Mechanics
Lossiemouth v Deveronvale
Buckie Thistle v Formartine United

Saturday, March 29
Fraserburgh v Strathspey Thistle
Turriff United v Rothes
Huntly v Inverurie Loco Works
Brora Rangers v Banks o’ Dee
Wick Academy v Nairn County
Forres Mechanics v Clachnacuddin
Deveronvale v Keith
Formartine United v Brechin City
Lossiemouth v Buckie Thistle

Saturday, April 5

Highland League Cup final and Highland League catch-up fixtures

Saturday, April 12
Strathspey Thistle v Turriff United
Fraserburgh v Huntly
Rothes v Brora Rangers
Inverurie Loco Works v Wick Academy
Banks o’ Dee v Forres Mechanics
Nairn County v Deveronvale
Clachnacuddin v Formartine United
Buckie Thistle v Keith
Brechin City v Lossiemouth

Saturday, April 19

Reserved for catch-up fixtures

Saturday, April 26

Play-offs 1st legs - Highland v Lowland League winners/ Highland League bottom team v candidate club

Saturday, May 3

Play-offs 2nd legs

Saturday, May 10

League 2 play-off final, first leg

Saturday, May 17

League 2 play-off final, second leg

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