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Former residents and staff invited to reminisce

By Staff Reporter

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Auchernach House, pictured on Saturday 25th March 1950. It was bought at this time from ex provost Dr John Bruce for £1500, by the County Council, for use as an old folks home for 12 residents, to replace Burnside.jpg
Auchernach House, pictured on Saturday 25th March 1950. It was bought at this time from ex provost Dr John Bruce for £1500, by the County Council, for use as an old folks home for 12 residents, to replace Burnside.jpg

THE LAST manager at a town centre care home hopes former residents and staff will attend a reunion this summer.

Morag Cunningham is helping to organise the event to celebrate Auchernack, a residential for elderly people at the West end of the High Street until its closure on July 31, 1999, which is now a Moray Council office and contact point.

She said: "I was very sad to see Auchernack close as it was indeed the end of a era for residents and long-serving staff who gave care and comfort to our older generation who so deserved it.

"Exactly 20 years later, we are going to have a reunion in the Ramnee to remember our residents and the time we spent together doing a worthwhile and rewarding job.

"I have nothing but pride in having been given the privilege of that role."

Morag has fond memories of being a key part of Auchernack, which provided living space for those who could no longer remain in their own homes.

Day care services gave people a chance to socialise while their carers got some respite.

Respite care was also provided to allow carers to have a break safe in the knowledge that their loved one would be cared for.

Morag said: "Although not having all individual rooms or on-suite facilities, Auchernack provided care from dedicated people who gave their all to ensure that people felt valued and their individual needs met. "Activities provided entertainment while social events were much appreciated and supported by relatives and friends.

"Thanks to our dedicated staff, some residents even had a holiday to Spain, having never had a passport or been abroad before!"

Contact Morag moragc42@yahoo.co.uk if you would like to attend the reunion dinner at the Ramnee Hotel on July 31.

The home's assistant manager, the late Sheila Duggie, wrote the following poem about Auchernack:

Where once Dr Bruce held his surgery

It now is a home and safe sanctuary

For folks young at heart but older in year

Who we try to treat kindly and allay secret fears

Where day care too arrive in style

Though some are gey sweert tae bide a wee while.

It's pronunciation is never the same

It's called by many a curious name

And where exactly is it's door

Across from the busy Post office store

Close beside Tom Logie's pride

A café on the other side

It's fine and handy for the shops

To buy a paper or strong pan drops

But traffic speeding on the way

Cause trembly legs to shake and sway

So that passing life is mostly seen

From behind a curtain or white net screen

The Mosset behind gives a beautiful view

There's plenty of laughter but tears are shed too

Hope is not gone life's lived with some zest

We trust one another and give of our best

And even the brightly flowering blooms

Are tended by hardedend thooms

There's staff to cook and staff to clean

And caring staff are never dae'n

Even night staff have no time to lose

In making sure they quietly snooze

But all is done and made worthwhile

With quiet thanks and beaming smile

Officer staff have their load to bear

To ensure to all that social work care

Is the best on hand for loved ones who are

Unable to dust or even walk far

But at the end of the year their put in a spot

They budget the monies and spend more than the lot

There’s memos for this and signatures for that

And everything written must be truly a fact

And if sometimes it seems they are all in a spin

The inspectors have been and checked everything

But that is the price we have to pay

To raise the standards for today

Then someone higher took the view

Auchernack needed to look more new

With safe electrics plumbed in loo

Papered walls plush carpets too

So with worldly goods off they all went

In Bishopmill house 6 months were spent

But at long last the day was named

Cases were packed and home they came

To sit again in well kent chairs

And say goodbye to worries and cares

To sit and watch with thankful sigh

The outside folk go hurrying by

But alas although couthy comfy and warm

And the folk who visit admire its charm

Auchernacks walls are old and worn

Monies for upkeep a hope forlorn

Now grand new plans for the plasmon mill

A brand new home but Auchernack still ?

But hae no fears they'll certainly score

With comfy flats and their own front door

the same kent faces to scrub their backs

Everything brand new there's nothing they'll lack

So look forward with hope it's a new way ahead

no draughty windows double glazing instead

And now those plans are very clear

And the date for moving is now here

The plasmon site has changed it's face

A pleasing complex in it's place

And the older folk of Forres toon

Will well remember the Forres loon

Signposts to there homes will sport

The name to be proud of

Cameron Court.

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