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Moray nurse in emotional Covid-19 plea after partner tests positive

By Chris Saunderson

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A MORAY nurse has posted an emotional message for people to stay safe after confirming her partner has tested positive for Covid-19.

Jacqui Coull and Walt Liddell.
Jacqui Coull and Walt Liddell.

Walt Liddell is battling horrendous symptoms of the Coronavirus at home with the support of Jacqui Coull, from Forres.

"My gorgeous, crazy, kind partner Walt Liddell has just been confirmed Covid 19+. He is very ill but holding his own thank goodness," said Jacqui on her Facebook page.

"I know folk will automatically assume he got it from his job (Walt works for the Scottish Ambulance Service) helping others who have had Covid but the truth is none of us know that for sure.

"It could just as easily be from the person who leaned past him for something in the supermarket. It could have been from someone he passed in a corridor. It could have been from a contaminated door handle. We will never know."

And Jacqui says that's the point with this virus.

"None of us know what is contaminated, who is a silent carrier (it could have been me), or who is incubating.

"What I do know is that he has no underlying symptoms, is seldom ill and had never been a smoker yet he has been floored by this.

"It's not like a flu, it doesn't just pass in a few days. The cough is not like a normal cough, it renders him unable to speak and, in fact, speaking causes the cough, as does standing up. When he's lying down he mostly doesn't cough.

"The fever fluctuates throughout the day, his began around 41 degrees. His oxygen levels fluctuate too."

Jacqui listed Walt's symptoms to give people an insight to the virus.

And added: "I'm not sure a less strong person would withstand this level of illness."

Walt's symptoms:

  • Tickly cough (seemed irritating, nothing else and no temperature)
  • Blinding headache (1 night only)
  • Loss of taste (which has remained)
  • Sudden onset convulsive cough (no ability to talk at all and strong enough to pull muscle in his back)
  • High temp (his goes up and down between 38.3 and over 41 degrees)
  • Total exhaustion (can't text, answer phone, get up easily)
  • Second proper day, raging sore throat
  • Body aches
  • Skin on scalp highly sensitive
  • Diarrhoea

Jacqui added: "This is Walter's version of the virus, some may have more or less of the symptoms, they may be worse or milder. But here's the important thing:

"His family can't visit, his son can't visit, I can't hug him to comfort him.

"Walter has to fight this on his own, I can only nip in fully PPE'd up to do observations to gauge whether he needs care I can't give him.

"Would you have the kit to do this? I suspect not, and so your loved one would be expected to collect fluids themselves from outside their bedroom door. Walt could never have done that.

"Please please please stay safe.

"Please, please get well Walt."

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