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Dressage competition is a big hit in the sunshine at Mundole Equestrian in Moray

By Craig Christie

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THE sun shone again on Mundole for Sunday’s dressage competition.

The weather was kind to Mundole for Sunday's dressage event.
The weather was kind to Mundole for Sunday's dressage event.

Mosstodloch’s Beverley Cowie had a fine first outing with her new horse, Fantasia, winning both Walk and Trot classes.

Sam Winn with George had a double in the preliminary classes. Vicky Penman, Elgin with Cottontail had a good day winning novice 34 and taking third in novice 22 just behind winner Avril Johnston with Turner and Aileen Ferrari, Spring.

Sara Stevens, Dyke with Jagged Edge led in both elementary classes.

Results –

WT2: 1 Beverley Cowie, Mosstodloch (Fantasia); 2 Tracy Strachan, Elgin (Carthage); 3 Sophie Macmillan, Forres (Jasper).

WT5: 1 Beverley Cowie (Fantasia); 2 Lilly Forsyth, Knockando (Teddy); 3 Tracy Strachan (Carthage).

Prelim 1: 1 Sam Winn (George); 2 Joan Shaw, Duffus (Colin); 3 Shannon Anderson, Elgin (Pinecroft Elegance).

Prelim 19: 1 Sam Winn (George); 2 Jenny Davidson, Forres (Theo); 3 Rachel Boulton, Forres (The Normal One).

Novice 34: 1 Vicky Penman, Elgin (Cottontail); 2 E Bell, Cawdor (Hillview Sally); 3 Shannon Anderson (Pinecroft Elegance).

Novice 22: 1 Avril Johnston, Rafford (Turner); 2 Aileen Ferrari, Rafford (Spring); 3 Vicky Penman (Cottontail).

Elementary 44: 1 Sara Stevens, Dyke (Jagged Edge).

Elementary 53: 1 Sara Stevens (Jagged Edge); 2 Avril Johnston (Lee); 3 Avril Johnston (Paddy).

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