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Forres Bowling Club rolls out its first jack since September 2019 as play returns to the greens of the St Catherine's Road club

By Craig Christie

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THIS month saw Forres Bowling Club welcome its members back to the green for the first time in 20 months.

Ed Harris, Ray Boyd and the only female skip, Lesley Coutts, did well on the opening day back to action at Forres Bowling Club.
Ed Harris, Ray Boyd and the only female skip, Lesley Coutts, did well on the opening day back to action at Forres Bowling Club.

Last Sunday was the big day for a return to action at the St Catherine's Road club, meeting all Covid-19 restrictions.

The top triple of the day was Ed Harris, Ray Boyd and the only female skip of the day, Lesley Coutts.

They hit a six at the eighth end on their way to trouncing Sandy Burgess' side, while Paul Coutts' triple wasn't too far behind.

With Paul's daughter Alana in fine form, they took two nap hands on their way to hammering Alex Porter.

After a fairly even start, Davie Petrie and Caitlin Dustan proved too strong for Davie's wife, Wilma, and Harry Sutherland.

Brian Caldwell trailed Steve Gill 10-4 after seven ends, but won eight of the remaining nine ends.

A good opening gave Brian Riddell a strong base with which to beat John Matthews.


L Coutts 32, A Burgess 2

P Coutts 27, A Porter 8

D Petrie 18, H Sutherland 8

B Caldwell 19, S Gill 11

B Riddell 17, J Matthews 10.

The first week of action was interrupted by the erratic weather but Ed Harris and Alex Porter still managed to triumph in last Thursday's moving hat night.

The pair were 40 up before they lost their first shots at the12th end and also lost the final set.

John Matthews was unbeaten all evening, with many of the ends won by a single shot.

Steve Gill also kept on the move, but was unable to build up a cache of shots and Charlie Watt was stranded on rink 2 for the evening, but wasn't too far down.

Derek Sobey had a disastrous start, losing seven at the first end, though he managed to master rink 3 by the final set.

Mary Sobey won her first two ends, but earned just one more shot all evening.

She had the last laugh after being presented with a box of 'After Eights' at the end of the night for losing a maximum eight shots in one end.


A Porter 34 up; J Matthews 18 up; S Gill 16 up; C Watt 9 down; D Sobey 28 down; M Sobey 31 down.

The first internal competition of the season, the 2 Bowl Pairs, will be held this Sunday afternoon.

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