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Moray Council repaints double yellow lines on Tolbooth Street, Forres after months of parking issues

By Garry McCartney

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Tolbooth Street on the morning of Saturday, August 21.
Tolbooth Street on the morning of Saturday, August 21.

MORAY Council has finally re-lined a busy town centre street after months of parking free-for-alls.

Residents and businesses had complained that motorists were taking advantage of the fact that double yellow lines had been removed from Tolbooth Street when it was resurfaced, stopping some vehicles from passing through the popular shopping route aligned by parked cars, vans and lorries.

One resident who wishes to remain nameless confirmed the street remained unlined for months.

She said: "It was chaotic. Cars parked the length of the street every day, all day and overnight. This caused traffic jams as the big lorries delivering to businesses here got stuck behind traffic trying to get past parked cars.

"The lorries and cars going down Tolbooth Street were having to mount the pavement to get past the parked cars which was extremely dangerous to pedestrians and residents coming out of the shops and lanes. I also saw lorries not delivering to shops park on Tolbooth Street to carry deliveries to High Street shops!"

At the time, Moray Council released a statement to try and calm the situation until the lines were repainted.

A spokesperson said: "The re-instatement of the double yellow lines on Tolbooth Street has been delayed due to adverse weather conditions and the breakdown of the lining boilers necessary to undertake the works.

"Parking restrictions have not been removed, and while any dangerous or illegal on-street parking remains a police enforcement issue, we would like to remind drivers to be considerate when parking their vehicles."

New yellow lines have been painted to prevent illegal parking.
New yellow lines have been painted to prevent illegal parking.

The double yellow lines were re-painted on Monday, August 30 but the resident claims the task was poorly carried out.

She said: "The lines that eventually arrived were a bit of a joke, particularly as a lorry went over them onto the pavement while they were wet.

" It wasn't the neatest of jobs anyway and it took them several days to get them finished. The lines at the top of Tolbooth Street are fading and could have really been touched up too. Lots of people have commented about the mess.

"And we still get cars parking here!"

Moray Councillor Aaron McLean (Forres, SNP) pointed out that the Scottish SNP Government is preparing new pavement and double yellow line parking laws.

He said: "The new lines on Tolbooth Street make it obvious that there should be no parking there.

"Hopefully Police Scotland will enforce this as drivers can no longer claim they don't know the rules."

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