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Kingsway Forres residents call on neighbours to take responsibility for rubbish

By Garry McCartney

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Rubbish round the back of Kings Way, Forres that has been dumped.
Rubbish round the back of Kings Way, Forres that has been dumped.

A COUPLE living in local flats are repeatedly dumping full bin bags on neighbours’ property.

A private renter at Kingsway, who wishes to remain nameless, claims the young man and woman have not lived there long, but for the last three bin collections have filled their own then thrown the rest of their rotting rubbish against neighbours’ fences, including hers.

She said: “They are leaving the bags there because their bin is always overflowing. They don’t recycle anything - you can usually see in their rubbish - so they are filling their bin more quickly than it would be if they did.

“They are council tenants and don’t use their communal area apart from their bins.

“The issue affects three homes: ours which the bags are up against; and two neighbours with tall green fences. Two houses have dogs and the third has a disabled person living there.

“We can’t just move the bags from our fence because they are split open with the contents falling out. In any case, they would end up against another fence or block the path entirely.”

There is a small walkway for the bins to go out for collection, now strewn with garbage.

“We can’t leave that way with our dogs now,” said the complainant. “They might try and eat the rubbish. Rotten food is spilling out including raw bacon and grated cheese.”

She confirmed that the first time the bags were dumped, refuse collectors placed the full bin bags into her just emptied green bin. Despite being two-thirds full, they were not emptied.

A few days later, around seven more full bin bags appeared against her fence but were not collected for another three days. The third collection was on Monday, December 13.

“The tenants have dumped even more bin bags against our fence,” she said.” Myself and neighbours have contacted Moray Council numerous times but the issue remains.

“A housing officer comes out every so often with a letter or to take pictures but nothing changes. When I spoke to a local authority receptionist on the 16th she said she would report it but no one has come out to collect the rubbish.”

She added: “Apart from the danger to dogs who keep trying to get food from the bags, there is also a seagull problem in this area and this is attracting more. The bags are still there for everyone to see.”

A Moray Council spokesman confirmed work is being carried out with a waste team to alleviate issues relating to waste disposal in the area.

He said: “We have modified the fencing to allow large communal bins to replace the individual bins currently obstructing the lane.

“Our estate caretaker will continue to monitor the area and we kindly remind tenants to dispose of their rubbish in the correct manner. Failure to do so will result in action taken in line with our estate management policy.”

Local councillor George Alexander (Independent) chased the issue on behalf of the complainant.

He said: “I encourage residents to keep an eye on the situation and I am happy to hear from them if things do not improve. It is unfortunate that some residents do not take a more responsible approach to the disposal of their waste.”

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