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Development, roads and crime on community council agenda

By SPP Reporter

THE next Findhorn and Kinloss Community Meeting will take place tomorrow (Thursday) at 7pm, in the Culbin meeting room of Kinloss Church.

Community council chair Les Morgan has a busy agenda at this month's meeting in Kinloss
Community council chair Les Morgan has a busy agenda at this month's meeting in Kinloss

A number of items will be on the agenda including current planning applications, road safety at Kinloss, obtaining a grant to install CCTV on Findhorn Road, reports from the police, Findhorn Foundation and Kinloss Barracks, as well as forthcoming events.

At the last meeting, councilllors enjoyed a presentation from Keith Henderson and Gary Templeton from Moray Council about the draft Findhorn Conservation Area Character Appraisal. A handbook has been produced which contains the main features and characteristics of the villafe, including broad recommendations for allowing development in the area.

Mr Henderson told the councillors: “Its not about stuffy development or creating a museum town. Its about highlighting key opportunities, so we can allow for contemporary design if we get the key principles and it’s sympathetic.”

For more information and to access the consultation which runs until May 9 - visit www.moray.gov.uk/currentconsultations and scroll to find Findhorn.

Although no policeman presented a report at the meeting councillors have been informed that between February 26 and March 31 six crimes were committed around the Findhorn and Kinloss area; so far two offenders have been identified and a further suspect will be traced and dealt with.

Enquiries are ongoing into a series of reports; on March 4 a cash box was forced open and the contents stolen from a premises in Findhorn. On March 13 there was a complaint about fly tipping in Roseisle. On March 16, a driver was caught driving whilst under the influence of alcohol in the Roseisle area. A report is being submitted to the Procurator Fiscal. On March 17, a report was received regarding a communications offence in the Findhorn area. On the same date, a report was received regarding a stolen bicycle in the Kinloss area. On March 19, a bicycle was stolen from the Findhorn area.

Speeding on the Findhorn Road at Kinloss near the church was brought up by local man Rick Walker who appealed to the community council to install some kind of obstruction or raised crossing to try and slow cars down. He feels strongly that the Moray Council should act upon this to safeguard pedestrians, especially children who cross this area to go to and from school.

“There are a lot of people who live in Kinloss near the church, Gelbe Road and Manse Road who are not happy,” he said. “They want something positive to be done about traffic calming.”

He added: “It’s been brought up before and surveys have been done. There has been feeback, but not action. People want this addressed properly.”As Moray Council previously advised that they were unable to do this work, Mr Walker highlighted that calming measures have been put in other areas such as Mosstodloch and Lossiemouth.

It was agreed that chairman Les Morgan should contact the Moray Council about the issue.

Mr Walker also raised the issue of the deep potholes on the road leading to the beach car park by the toilet block, land which previously belonged to Novar Estates, but has recently passed to the Findhorn Village Conservation Company. He claimed that in the past an officer had agreed that the council would maintain the road surface up until the turn into the dunes area. Previously the council smoothed out the surface in the beach cark park, but the road leading it needs urgent action. Councillors said repairs may be a suitable project for the application of funding from the Money for Moray scheme. Mr Walker volunteered to provide the chairman with an estimate for repairs.

Councillors were unable to hear an update from the Findhorn Village Conservation Company, as the two liaison representatives were not at the meeting, but the transfer of Novar Estate land west of the Beach Road is now complete and is now owned by the FVCC.

Matters arising included a project to install CCTV with a quote and estimate for works still outstanding, and plans to submit a funding application to Berry Burn Community Fund before their next May 23 deadline. New member Miss Emma Malone has now been officially co-opted but was not at the meeting.

Under the Kinloss Barracks report, members heard that although the Army has explored giving access to civiliansat the swimming pool, that due to issues around corporate liabilities and staffing this will not happen. It was noted that they would very much like to help and understand the value to the community and goodwill it would generate, but they must ensure any access is properly done, not only to protect the public, but also to ensure that the Regiment is not exposed in the event of injury or death. They thought they had found a potential avenue with opening to clubs, but the liability and resourcing issues do not fall away with this option. BSO Ruth Douglas will revisit in future if things change.

In the chairman’s Report Les Morgan thanked councillors, in particular Mo Hyde, for her work organising the staging of Rapid Departure by Right Lines Productions which was held in the James Milne Institute, and proved to be very popular, even making a small amount of money for the grroup.

Mr Morgan was due to attend a meeting where the petition to ban wildfowling would be discussed among interested parties with Moray Council. Cllr Skene favored a voluntary solution and her proposal that interested parties meet under the Moray Council chairmanship to discuss a compromise solution was accepted.

Also minutes were the Money for Moray Scheme, a report from a drop in consultation by the Findhorn Hinterland Trust and obtaining a cost estimate for introducing CCTV on the Findhorn Road.

Treasurer Francine Rietberg reported that the group currently has a balance oft £3,425.49 of which £2254.71 is for other grants received.

In the councillors report, Lorna Creswell said that she had attended a Join the Dots event hosted by tsiMoray which had been well supported; she also welcomed the imminent go live date for Health and Social Care integration and said that council officers consider Moray is in a good place in terms of the work that has been completed so far. Cllr Creswell attended Dr Gray’s Hospital for a face to face with staff in regards to the integration and to address any queries staff had. She informed the group that Moray Councillors had voted to abandon the Elgin link road project, saying there may be implications for this.

In the Findhorn Foundation Report, councillor Francine Rietberg said they wanted to make it clear that reports suggesting that the Findhorn Foundation was against wildfowling, were unfounded as they have no clear opinion on the issue - individuals can have their own opinions. She wished to make it clear that the foundation is a separation organisation from the Friends of Findhorn Bay.

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