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Class of 62 remembered

By SPP Reporter

This picture of Class 4A at Forres Academy, taken in 1962, was sent in by Norman Stewart, who has provided som names. Does anyone know any more? E-mail newsdesk@forres-gazette.co.uk From left are (back row) Hugh Cowper, unknown, Brian Munro, unknown, Norman Stewart, David Morgan and Donald Macmillan. Third row: Robert Macarthur, Raymond Mills, Robert Hay, unknown and Gerald Hall. Second row: David Small, unknown, Sheena Douglas, unknown, unknown, unknown, Isobel Duncan, Hilary Street and unknown. Front: Kathleen Lewis, unknown, Gillian Galloway, Patricia Neal, unknown, Mavis Hole, Ishbel Grigor, unknown and unknown.


From the files of ‘The Forres Gazette’ of Wednesday, May 15, 1912

Public relations – The Forres Town Council Advertising Committee reported that they had arranged for the re-insertion of a picture block depicting the Town and its attractions in Mr Wilson’s Guide to the Highland Railway for the present season at a cost of £1/3.

The same Committee recommended the acceptance of an offer by the Great North Railway for the re-insertion of an advertisement in ‘The Scotsman’, ‘The Glasgow Herald’, ‘The Yorkshire Post’ and ‘The Manchester Courier’ for 15 weeks at a cost of £6, on the understanding that the principal hotels and the Cluny Hill Hydropathic would pay a proportion of the cost in the same way as last year.

The Committee’s recommendation was adopted and the matter was remitted to Councillor Geddie and the Town Clerk with powers.

Tribute – Forres Town Council referred to the death of Mr David Laing, the keeper of the Nelson Monument and the necessity of appointing a successor to him.

Councillor Macdonald said that like the rest of the Council and the community, he had learned with regret of the death of Mr Laing.

He had been a much-respected man of very quiet and unobtrusive manners and of a kind and gentle disposition. He had been a faithful servant to the town and they would all miss his services, in common with the many visitors who were in the habit of visiting the Tower. It was agreed that the Council should advertise for a successor in order to give everybody a fair chance of applying for the post.

Cricket – It was agreed to accept an offer from the St Lawrence Cricket Club of a rent of £4 for the use of the ground and pavilion at Roysvale Park for the coming season.


From the files of ‘The Forres Gazette’ of Wednesday, May 16, 1962

Water deal – While not wishing to withhold water from the Romach Scheme that is needed by the Auldearn district, Forres Town Council will resist any attempt by Moray County Council to supply Nairnshire with Forres water without the town’s authority. At the monthly meeting of the Town Council on Monday evening, the members unanimously adopted a report by the Water Committee which was to that effect.

The Committee had considered an application, addressed by Nairn County Council to Moray County Council, to draw 5,000 to 10,000 gallons of water per day from the Romach Scheme.

The County Council had maintained that they were entitled to draw water for this purpose without reference to the Town Council, so long as they did not exceed their daily entitlement and they proposed to supply Nairn County Council with the water required by them without payment.

The Committee added that they were strongly of the view that Moray County Council had no right to draw water for distribution other than in the county of Moray – and they recommended that any steps taken by Moray County Council to supply water to Nairn County be resisted.

Monster hunt – Thirteen officers and airmen from RAF Kinloss have helped scientists to make a film record of the monster lizards inhabiting an island off the North Malaya coast, where the RAF has a high-level bombing range.

The film will be shown on BBC TV in the adventure series entitled ‘Dragon’s Story’ at 8.30pm on May 18.


From the files of ‘The Forres Gazette’ of Wednesday, May 13, 1987

Road concerns – Moray’s Tory MP has joined the battle to get the A96 improved. Mr Alex Pollock has written to Scottish Office Minister Mr Michael Ancram, highlighting growing concerns over the vital trunk road and asking for immediate action.

"There is particular concern at present," he tells the Minister, "about the condition of the road between Alves and Newton Toll.

"There is also anxiety in many quarters about the slow traffic flow on that route during most periods of the working day.

He has urged Mr Ancram to "see what action can be taken in the roads programme to improve that road on behalf of all concerned."

Complaints about the state of the A96, particularly through Moray, have been growing in recent years. Calls from councillors have emphasised the importance of the arterial route and demanded major improvements.

Royal date – Dalvey Engineering managing director Mr Keith Bagshaw will lunch in the company of the Prince of Wales tomorrow at a special awards ceremony in Glasgow.

The successful Forres entrepreneur, who has created more than 20 jobs in 18 months, led his company to a nomination by Moray Enterprise Trust as the district’s candidate for the SCOTBIC Awards for Business Enterprise 1987.

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