Published: 17/08/2013 18:17 - Updated: 16/08/2013 18:27

Prof enlists Dr No to help unearth movie memories

Dr No poster

EDEN Court cinema goers have a chance to share their memories of going to the pictures in the original Playhouse and La Scala next month.

Professor Matthew Jones of University College London is conducting a study into British cinema-going in the 1960s and wants Highlanders to help.

On Sunday 15th September he will join local film fans for a screening of one British cinema’s biggest hits from the decade, the first James Bond film Doctor No, and inviting the audience to share memories of going to the flicks in the 1960s either in Inverness or further afield.

To help get people in a nostalgic frame of mind, the previous Sunday 8th September, Eden Court will be showing another ’60s classic, 1963’s Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, in a newly restored version.

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