Published: 11/05/2017 08:55 - Updated: 09/05/2017 12:53

Youngster writes award-winning poem

A LOCAL youngster won a regional storytelling competition with her poem about poverty.

A delighted Chloe picking up her prize at WH Smith, Elgin.
A delighted Chloe picking up her prize at WH Smith, Elgin.

Dallas Primary pupil, Chloe Dey (10), took part in the contest for P4-7s organised by a new charity helping to raise awareness of poverty in the area.

Moray School Bank (MSB) started recently to provide school uniforms and warm clothing to children whose families or carers cannot afford them.

Chloe was thrilled when she found out her poem, ‘I Had A Dream’, won the awareness-raising contest.

She said: “I was so excited when I got the email that I jumped off my seat! I’m lucky to have everything I need (and more) but some in Scotland don’t.”

Acting head teacher at Dallas, Mrs Mairi Grant, asked her pupils to pay a £1 towards MSB to enter the competition, then write stories at home.

Chloe wasn’t sure what poverty in Britain looked like so did some research on YouTube with her mum.

“I got a bit upset when I saw how some people have to live,” she said. “It inspired me to write a comparison of my life and someone in poverty.”

Mrs Grant was delighted to hear Chloe’s poem had won.

She said: “Chloe was so excited when she found out at home that she came running back to school to tell me! I was very pleased for her.”

MSB spokeswoman Deborah Weir and her colleagues agreed Chloe’s piece was “amazing”.

Ms Weir said: “It captured the feelings of a child living in poverty and was a deserved winner.

“The story was imaginative and Chloe was very creative in her writing.”

Chloe won a £50 WH Smith voucher and her work will be displayed in Elgin’s St Giles Centre.

An MSB Freedom of Information request to Moray Council revealed that 182 pupils in the Forres ASG area alone applied for £45 grants to pay for school uniforms in 2016. Schools all over Moray have since have pledged support, promising to fund raise for MSB and recommend the service to those that need it.

See, for more information or if you would like to help.

Chloe's poem:


I live in a house,

I have my own room,

My room has a bed,

My bed has a mattress,

My mattress has covers,

I sleep well.

I live in a house

My house has a kitchen,

The kitchen has a fridge,

The fridge is full of food – yummy food,

We have a big kitchen table,

I am fed.

I live in a house

It has a nice bathroom,

With a big bath and shower,

Hot water comes out of the taps,

We have bubble bath and shampoo,

Toothpaste for my teeth and toilet roll,

I am clean

I live in a house

I come in from the cold,

The heat hits my body ,

And cuddles me like a big cosy blanket,

I am warm

I live in a house

I have a wardrobe full of lovely clothes,

They are clean,

They are new,

They are colourful,

I feel good in them,

I have clothes

I wake up………

I live in a house

I sleep in the same room as my mum,

On the floor,

The floor has no carpet,

It’s hard,

I have no covers,

I hardly slept last night,

I am tired.

I live in a house

The kitchen is dirty,

Mum has no money,

There is no food in our house,

The las slice of bread is mouldy,

I am hungry.

I live in a house

The bathroom is cold and damp,

It smells,

There is no hot water,

I have nothing to clean myself with,

I smell.

I live in a house

I only have the clothes I wear to school,

They are old, dirty and tatty,

My class notice,

I get called names,

I am ashamed,

I am a child who lives in poverty.

I had a dream ………

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