Published: 05/01/2018 08:55 - Updated: 03/01/2018 16:47

School mathematicians win regional

Dallas SumdogsA GROUP of pupils from a local school have won a regional mathematics competition.

The Dallas P3-7s came out on top of online maths contest, the Moray Sumdog challenge, ahead of 50 other competing teams.

Dallas head teacher, Mairi Grant, was thrilled by their efforts.

She said: “I was very proud of the support and encouragement the children gave each other throughout the competition, with some of our more reluctant mathematicians answering the 1000 questions set. 

“The pupils were delighted to win and have asked me to enter them into the national version after Christmas.”

Dallas entered a national Sumdog competition in August and scored within the top 40 of thousands of entrants, prompting the Dallas Parent Partnership to buy a year’s subscription for the children.

Sumdog’s scores are based on accuracy, and questions adapt to each entrant’s level so everyone has a fair chance. After the contests, they can keep using the games without any time limit.

Ms Grant added: “The games really motivate the children to play and their mental agility improves as a result. Through accurately answering mental maths questions in class, they can win online treats to give their own avatar when the school day finishes. The range of extra features they can access at home encourages the continuation of their learning after school.”

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