Published: 21/07/2017 08:55 - Updated: 18/12/2017 15:37

Primary school stars light up villagers' winter

Dallas starsHOUSES in a local village have been part-decorated with gifts from talented schoolchildren.

Following instruction from Drumduan School class 3/4, pupils from Dallas Primary made Christmas stars and delivered them with a message to every home on the village's main street.

Dallas head teacher, Mairi Grant, explained the presents were part of an ongoing effort to strengthen community links through events and activities.

She said: “The gift of origami window stars is one which has been particularly well received. I saw them made at the Drumduan School’s winter fair in the town hall a few years ago and thought they’d be perfect.

“A number of children had thank you phone calls and some people took to Facebook to thank us.

“We went on a spotting walk a few days after delivering them and spotted stars in every window we passed. We had lots of waves and even received some sweeties!”

Ms Grant invited Drumduan pupils to Dallas to explain to her P4-7s how to make the window stars from squares of coloured wax paper folded into kite shapes and joined together. Once they got the hang of it, they made over 50 for their neighbours.

“The Drumduan pupils were really nice and very crafty,” said Alana Frankin (11). 

“We had put a flier in letter boxes two weeks ago inviting everyone to all our ongoing activities so everyone was expecting a surprise, and loads of people waved to us as we walked through the street.”

“It was really nice to see children from another school,” added Charlie Park (10). “They were really good at explaining.

“It was also really nice to be able to give a present and make other people happy.”

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