Published: 07/12/2017 08:55 - Updated: 06/12/2017 11:56

Primary school pupils help make up the rules

Dyke PrimaryCHILDREN at a local school suggested points in a playground policy pilot scheme.

A Moray Council spokesperson confirmed that Dyke’s pupils had created a new behaviour policy being piloted until next June when it will be reviewed by the children, staff and parents.

However, claims that all contact sports have been banned are exaggerated.

A parent, who wishes to remain anonymous, complained to the Gazette that the new head teacher at Dyke Primary had “banned all physical contact” with “warnings and disciplinary action for pupils” if caught.

The reality is that games which involve deliberate contact such as play-fighting are not allowed, in order to prevent injury.

Suggested disciplinary actions to follow warnings include the removal of five minutes of golden time.

Chairwoman of Dyke Primary School’s parent council, Fiona MacDonell, explained that pupils are part of the decision-making process within the school wherever possible. 

She said: “This ethos helps to empower the children to take ownership and responsibility for their decisions and actions. They put forward lots of different ideas about rewards and sanctions, and requested an individual system of gaining points and recognition for work, behaviour and attitude.

“The new system of rewards and sanctions supports and promotes positive behaviour both in and out of the classroom.”

Claire Doughty’s sons Tom (P1) and Adam (P5) attend the school and appreciate the points system.

She said: “It has only worked to encourage them to continue to try hard at school and in their extra activities at home. It is not dissimilar to star charts that I expect are commonplace on many fridge doors around the country.

“The boys also love playtime and often talk of getting involved in games of rounders, football and tig.

“Adam and Tom playfight at home which we welcome and is part of growing up, but they understand and know each other’s boundaries and when to stop.

“This may not be the case if they were playing this way at school with their peers.”  

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