Published: 20/12/2017 08:55 - Updated: 18/12/2017 15:32

New language bonus for nursery children

Arabic classTODDLERS at a local playgroup have been learning Arabic over the last few months.

Parents Mohamad and Rahmeh Refaee have been helping their children Mera (2) and Soultan (4) integrate with playmates at Hop, Skip and Jump Nursery by teaching basic language skills.

Nursery manager Beth Campbell confirmed the pupils have learned numbers, letters A, B and C, hello, goodbye, boy, girl and hand.

She said: “When Mera and Soultan arrived they had basic English such as ‘hello’ and ‘how are you?’.

“It was very difficult at first but they have been learning English for four months now and are starting to become proficient.

“Mohamad and Rahmeh decided to teach Arabic in the nursery because teaching another language will help the children to integrate and understand each other.”

Mera and Soultan have been enjoying their education following a difficult time in their native Syria. The family was forced to seek refugee status when their home was bombed and Mohamad was shot.

Mohamad said: “We love Forres. The people are very friendly and welcoming. We are very happy.”

Beth added: “The family thank the people of Scotland for all they have received since coming here in September, 2016.

“They enjoy the traditions of Christmas and have sung us some festive songs in Arabic.”

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