Published: 14/09/2017 08:55 - Updated: 12/09/2017 12:18

Father hits out at bullied daughter's treatment

Forres AcademyA FATHER has criticised a school and the authorities after his child was targeted by bullies.

William Taylor’s 12-year-old daughter was attacked by other pupils on playing fields at Forres Academy on January 31 this year.

As a result, the girl had to be taken to Dr Gray’s Hospital in Elgin where it was discovered she had a broken finger.

Since then Mr Taylor says his daughter has been targeted by bullies both at the secondary and in the community.

She has to go into school 10 minutes after everyone else and leave 10 minutes earlier to avoid a confrontation with her tormentors.

Mr Taylor said: “The way the school has dealt with it is a total farce, and the bully got a ticket for Costa Coffee because of everything that’s been going on – how can they justify that?

“It makes me physically sick.”

He also criticised the length of time it took for the assault to be investigated, before the perpetrators were given a “slap on the wrist”.

Mr Taylor said: “I found out from other people that the bullies were only cautioned about it.

“My daughter doesn’t want to go back to school.”

He added: “I believe the head teacher told the police my daughter and the bullies were friends now, it’s totally unreal.

“The school denies the problem, but it has a responsibility to stop bullying, educate and keep children safe – that’s not happening

“I kept my daughter off school until they had put in place for her to leave 10 minutes early and arrive 10 minutes later to avoid the bully.”

Mr Taylor said: “I was told by member of the education department there wasn’t anything else they could do – that’s wrong, there’s always something else you can do.”

Moray Council would not make comment on whether the bully had been treated to refreshments at the coffee shop.

A spokeswoman for the local authority said: “We have robust policies in place in all our schools to deal with bullying.

“Anyone who feels they’re being bullied should speak to an appropriate adult at the school.”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland confirm two girls aged 12 and 14 were charged in connection with the assault reported earlier this year.

She added: “They were reported to the youth justice management unit.

“We have received no complaint in relation to this matter so it would be inappropriate to comment publicly any further, however we would always encourage anyone with concerns about how a matter has been handled to contact police in the first instance so that we can resolve the situation.”

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