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Nathan Mathews - My Forres My Gazette

This is the section where we hear what folk in Forres think about their town and their local newspaper. In the spotlight this week is Nathan Mathews (45), who works in the Support Services department at Dr Gray's Hospital. Nathan lives in Tytler Street with his wife Mairi and sons Forres Academy student Ewen (13) and Aidan (9) who attends Applegrove Primary.

How long have you lived in Forres?

12 years. I’m originally from Plymouth but we moved up here from Glasgow.

What’s the best thing about living in Forres?

It still has a community feel - you can walk up the high street and speak to people and build relationships.

In the city you’re just another number.

Describe a favourite moment or memory from your life here.

My wife got a job up north and we wanted to live closer to her family in Drumnadrochit and the Hebrides.

We preferred Forres to all the places we looked at across the Moray coast.

If you could make one change in the town, what would it be?

It’s become a cliché but it would be to make the high street as vibrant as it was when I first arrived. Perhaps this could be achieved by making the shop rental more appealing.

So many people think they can start a business here but they come and go quickly. Something’s got to give to make it more attractive.

When the Toun Mercat is on the high street is closed off and the place comes alive with a great community spirit and everyone getting involved.

Who is/was your favourite/inspirational local person and why?

They give up their personal time and make a commitment to all participating boys and girls. There have been a few changes of personnel over the years but the core principles of the club always remains the same.

The kids get regular sport which helps keep them active, focused and out of bother.

I volunteer as a manager every year. Last year I managed Forres Area Credit Union and we came third at the end-of-year tournament.

What are you the most passionate about ..and why?

Also, I was born in England but my birth father was Scottish and I’m passionate about Scotland thriving on its own.

If money was no object, what good deed would you perform in the town?

There are also more people in Forres struggling in many different ways including loneliness, illness and poverty. You don’t need money to do something to help but it certainly would assist projects for people in need.

What would you like to see in the Forres Gazette?

You can pick it up, put it down and come back to it later to find new things to read.

There’s more in it than I’ve ever seen before so I’m struggling to suggest something to add.

How would you spend a good day out in and around Forres?

I would have a meal out at the Mosset Tavern or the Red Lion Hotel with my family, followed by a good walk around Findhorn or Sanquhar woods.

There are so many places to walk here.

Who would you like to nominate to do this feature?
Forres Academy’s head teacher, Carol Stuart.
The ‘Gazette’ is getting more and more packed with extra features, and information about the community.
I would group all the different projects that people are wanting in the town (such as a skate/BMX park) and help these to be realised.
As I get older, it’s becoming football more and more. I never used to be like that!
I can think of a few associated with Forres Area Soccer 7s.
Moving here! We purposely chose Forres because it looked nice, it’s small, and the people here are friendly and welcoming.

Nathan Mathews
Nathan Mathews
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