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Andrew Hanton - My Forres My Gazette

This is the section where we hear what folk in Forres think about their town and their local newspaper.

In the spotlight this week is Forres Academy sixth year pupil, Andrew Hanton (17) from Knockomie. Andrew lives with his mum Tracey Metcalfe, stepdad John Kennedy and brother James Hanton (18). He

is currently chair of Moray Youth Council and volunteers at Towerview Community Care Centre. Andrew hopes to study medical science at Edinburgh University.

How long have you lived in Forres?

All my life. I was born in Elgin.

What’s the best thing about living in Forres?

There is a really good community spirit. A number of times per-year everyone comes together to celebrate - be it at the Highland Games, the Christmas lights switch-on or Culture Day.

We’re all very close knit, enthusiastic and warm.

Describe a favourite moment or memory from your life here.I have a so many memories here, it’s hard to pick one!

 I noticed the collective care in the town from a young age - everyone asks how you’re doing wherever you are here.

If you could make one change in the town, what would it be?

There has been talk of a youth cafe for such a long time and we’re almost there at the community centre but I would like to see somewhere safe for young people to hang out in with friends, away from each other’s homes.

Who is/was your favourite/inspirational local person and why?

The first person that comes to mind is local councillor, George Alexander. He is so involved in the community and shows genuine care for the people of Forres. That kind of community care is rare in politics. He is a true man of the people.

What are you the most passionate about ..and why?Engaging young people in community affairs and politics. I really enjoy seeing young people being given the opportunity to take an active part in the community and the decisions made here.

 If money was no object, what good deed would you perform in the town?I would give the people of Forres the opportunity to on the projects and improvements they see fit to benefit the whole of Forres. An example could be a local cinema.

 What would you like to see in the Forres Gazette?

It’s good that it gives young people at the school a voice through the Forres Academy News Group on the school notes page. However, it would be better if it reached out to youngsters outside the school, putting the spotlight on their activities and achievements.

How would you spend a good day out in and around Forres?Walking! There are a lot of nice walks and places to visit, particularly in Findhorn and the surrounding countryside.

 Who would you like to nominate to do this feature?

Ellie Pearce, from Darnaway. She is a good example of a young person taking an interest in other young people. I know her from the Youth Council but she is also a member of the Scottish Youth Parliament for Moray.

Andrew Hanton
Andrew Hanton
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