Published: 13/09/2017 08:55 - Updated: 13/09/2017 09:20

Local shops are Dawn's perfect match

High Street brideA LOCAL bride shopped for all her wedding needs in Forres.

Dawn Cathra from Forbes House, High Street, is married fiancé Paul Smith at Cluny Hill on Saturday, September 9, then held her wedding reception at the Knockomie Hotel.

The holistic health therapist managed to find the majority of items she needed for the happiest day of here life locally and wants more folk to follow her example.

She said: “I love the idea of shopping onstreet as opposed to online whenever possible.

“The heart of this lovely, enterprising  town lies in it’s thriving high street and surrounding businesses. “They will only remain if people continue to shop here and use the services on offer.

“There is simply no point in bemoaning the demise of the high street then shopping at out of town outlets or online if it’s possible to buy what you need right here!”

Dawn’s all-important wedding dress came from Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland at 77 High Street.

“It’s one of my favourite vintage chic boutiques,” she joked.

“Stella and the other volunteer staff were as amazed as I was to find the perfect dress for the big day. “I’m not a slave to fashion but I like to dress stylishly – I enjoy browsing in vintage and charity shops to see what unusual things I might find.

“I also added a few silver and pearl beads to make my dress even more unique.”

Dawn’s wedding undergarments and swim wear were bought in Sheena’s lingerie shop at 30 High Street.

“Sheena is a most patient lady who really knows her knickers!,” said Dawn.

“I took my dress in to make sure it would all work, which of course it did because she’s an expert in choosing the right styles. Sheena has years of experience and an understanding of what’s important for her customer’s to feel good about themselves.

“That skill alone is priceless and not something you could ever get when buying online.”

Dawn sourced her wedding flowers from florist Villagegreenery at 44 High Street where she was impressed by the shop assistants.

She said: “Jennifer, Sandra and Maureen were really inspiring and helpful, taking the time to listen to my requirements. They really got what I was after, and were able to accommodate me at short notice.”

Finally, Dawn nipped to M J Housden Optician, 1 St. Leonard’s Road for a new set of contact lenses before the big day. Just before it, Dawn and her bridesmaids will be getting their hair styled at local hairdressers and nails manicured at Highland Beauty Clinic.

After the wedding, following a recommendation from Beaver Travel, the happy couple are going on a cruise to Norway... and Dawn bought a bag from My Secret Dressing Room at Logie Steading to compliment her honeymoon evening dress. She will also be wearing a watch she bought at Smith Jewellers, 113 High Street while reading a selection of books from Highland Hospice, 43 High Street and the British Red Cross shop on 138 High Street.

“Forres High Street is a place where people make real connections with each other, as shop keepers, cafe’s and other businesses engage with their customers,” said Dawn.

“They offer a personal service, paying attention in a friendly and helpful way.

“I’ve had such fun with all the shopkeepers as I’ve looked for the things I thought would make my wedding day special. All of them entered into the spirit of it, which has created lovely memories already, and I’m not even married yet!”

She added: “I shop here more than anywhere else, and feel proud to show visitors this lovely town.

“My hope is that it remains this way for a very long time to come.”

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