Published: 21/02/2017 10:01 - Updated: 21/02/2017 11:08

Various funding pots on offer for local projects

FINDHORN and Kinloss Community Council cover a wealth of issues at their montly meetings.

A session of Findhorn and Kinloss Community Council in the Culbin room at Kinloss Church.
A session of Findhorn and Kinloss Community Council in the Culbin room at Kinloss Church.

At a recent session community councillor jen O'Hagen spoke about issues facing the Kinloss southside residents who are having their drains replaced due to the appearance of a sinkhole.

She also  apologised for not yet providing a list of projects that

could be progressed, using money which had originally been put aside by the developers of the Southside estate to build community facilities.

“I am tring to resolove annother matter frst,” she said. “I was under

action to provide this before the end of January, but as these issues are not

getting resolved, we may need to go with other ideas.”

In his chairman’s report, Les Morgan reminded members that consultation on the new community council scheme is ongoing until March 9 and he told them that he had attended ‘Money for Moray’ working group meetings since the last meeting, which had been well publicised, encouraging groups to apply for cash.

Secretary, Ms O’Hagen said that she was aware of lots of press releases

currently circulating about sources of funding, which she had received.

“There seems to be buckets of cash available at the moment for various

project,” she said, to which Moray Councillor Lorna Creswell replied: “There always is at this time of year.”

Harvey Morton said that one individual had asked for handrails to be put in place around the village, such as at the path by the bakehouse.

Ms Creswell said perhaps community council could apply for available cash to employ a community worker.

After the secretary. treasurer and councillors gave their reports, councillor Skene updated the group on the school re-zoning exercise saying that the boundary of the Kinloss catchment area has been changed; adding that there was a shortage of teachers in Moray schools, adding “We have a stafng crisis, we are 44 teachers down. Parents are going to have to know that it’s not good.”

Mrs Skene also revealed the Kinloss head teacher Robert Hair is due to

leave and a replacement head is being sought.

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