Published: 22/06/2018 08:55 - Updated: 22/06/2018 09:46

Safety upgraded at notorious junction

NEW signage and road markings have finally been put in place at a junction where someone was killed in a collision.Market Street

Calls for action had come from the public after the crash between a car and a lorry at the Market Street and Mosset Road junction in May 2015.

Three people were injured, one of whom later died in hospital.
Residents said there was a problem at the junction with drivers waiting to turn off for Elgin from Market Street, or into Market Street from Inverness, often waiting in the middle “island” and misjudging the speed of oncoming traffic.
Transport Scotland initially turned down requests for a change to be made at the junction but Last November finally agreed to improvements and alterations to signs and road markings.
A spokesperson for Bear Scotland, which is responsible for maintaining roads on behalf of Transport Scotland, said: “The package of improvements for the A96 Market Street Junction included installation of new directional signage and alterations to the road markings, which have been designed to help improve motorists’ positioning and visibility, as well as ensure vehicle priority is clear.
“Teams are also planning to carry out surfacing improvements on approaches to the junctions later in the year, further increasing motorist safety. We thank road users for their patience while the junction upgrades were carried out. Our teams will continue to monitor the junction.” 
Forres community council secretary Eleanor Hayward said: “At long last we’ve got it sorted. I hope drivers find the changes of benefit.” Graham Hilditch, the community council chairman, takes the Market Street turn-off every day and said:
“The markings on the island now split up the traffic.
“On the Market Street island there are now lines and a lane for traffic coming from Nairn and cutting into Market Street and a separate lane for vehicles coming from Market Street and going to Elgin. Previously nobody knew who had right of way.
“A roundabout would have been better but at least there is less confusion now.
“The line markings have also now been done at the train station exit and A96 island.
“It has taken nearly three years to get this actioned.”
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