Published: 21/12/2017 08:55 - Updated: 21/12/2017 08:59

Royal Bank of Scotland closures are "a disgrace"

Forres bankI think it is disgraceful the way RBS is closing branches, and would encourage the people to contact their MP about it.

The Government should step in and put a stop to all these bank closures.

The bank was rescued by the Government and it was happy to accept money from the public purse.

In doing so, it made us the biggest shareholders.

RBS are now repaying the very people who helped rescue them by ignoring the requirements of people and by making it difficult to use their facilities.

Everybody you speak to maintains the bank was never empty when you went in.

When you go to Elgin branch you have a long wait, for any service, or if it is the mobile branch, there is always a queue.

The bank claimed that provision has been made for people to carry on using the bank.

In my opinion this is absolute rubbish, since the Forres branch closed, the whole community has been affected.

RBS are telling us more people are accessing the bank and its services online but their policies are forcing a lot of customers to reluctantly use this method of banking.

The attitude of the bosses towards the public comes across as ‘too bad’ if the customers do not like the policy.

There has been no consultation, and no thought for all the people who have no internet, or even access to a computer.

Neil Jeronim, address supplied

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