Published: 24/02/2017 08:55 - Updated: 21/02/2017 13:45

Partnership needed to save Leanchoil

ARC McKay’s letter of February 1, makes some good points regarding the future of Leanchoil Hospital.

The future of Forres' hospital remains uncertain.
The future of Forres' hospital remains uncertain.

I was a patients’ rep on the planning group for the new Health Centre at the time when inpatient beds were part of the specifcation.

I was angry and profoundly disappointed when the beds component was dropped – a decision taken without community consultation.

But the need for the full range of care options as we all get older remains, and impressive though Varis Court seems to be, it will not be enough, as doubt about the future of Leanchoil remains.

So how about encouraging a partnership between the NHS, Moray Council and a sympathetic developer to transform Leanchoil into another Varis Court where there could be a mix of housing for sale and rent in an environment of integrated care, meeting the full spectrum of care needs from minimal to 24 hour.

The developers could make their proft from house sales and the Heath and Social Care Partnership could achieve a modern facility on a beautiful, health promoting site.


Alan Beevers

2 Sanquhar Drive, Forres

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