Published: 10/02/2017 08:55 - Updated: 06/02/2017 14:59

It's time to make plans for Leanchoil

WELL here we go again!

Leanchoil Hospital on St Leonard's Road.
Leanchoil Hospital on St Leonard's Road.

A while ago we were promised a new health centre complete with beds.

We were also promised a proper discussion about the fate of Leanchoil Hospital.

Well ... we got the health centre with no beds and so Leanchoil was back in business.

Now the new Varis Court complex has beds which has raised the issue of the future of Leanchoil again.

The question is: does anybody believe that with the ageing population Varis beds are going to be adequate?

I do not, for one, believe so.

Councillor Creswell makes the point about the cost of operating Leanchoil in its present state.

Well who is allowing the dereliction of Leanchoil and why, when the beds are needed so badly?

Is it because Leanchoil site is a plumb site for development?

Why, almost without exception, are our elected members not thinking to the future rather than the here and now.

Leanchoil is needed until adequate beds are provisioned elsewhere.

Or until real eorts are made to bring Leanchoil to an acceptable standard with adequate beds for the future.

This would end the bed blocking and decanting of Forresians round far and away facilities.

Aged patients have, by and large, ageing children, who are not as able to travel far and wide to visit.

So, lets get Leanchoil Hospital back in the business of serving the community rather than running down to the betterment of developers.

A R C McKay, 15 Croft Road

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