Published: 07/12/2016 11:02 - Updated: 07/12/2016 11:16

Forres Common Good questioned

As an ex-community councillor of 12 years I welcome the resignation of the chair of Forres Community Council.

Moray Council administer Forres Common Good property
Moray Council administer Forres Common Good property

One of the concerns of the community council I was on was also the Common Good; and to my knowledge we were asking questions over a 10 year period and in effect actually got no answers.

Nothing has changed since the current CC has also been asking questions and no answers are forthcoming.

The time has come to make these questions public.

One was about the accounts two years ago. The accounts detailed £84,000 as debtors income. We asked what this represented, no answer. The accounts for last year now show an increase in the Forres element of the Loans Fund (Moray Council) of £80,000, so we again asked where did this come from. Again no answer!

I honestly do not think that that was a difficult question and most companies would be able to answer that easily. But not Moray Council, openness??.

Their administration costs were increased this year again by over £1600 as a result we did not have enough money to help support the Rotary Club again no answer to the question.

I can assure you that there are many more questions all asked in the public interest that have not been answered either.

At the beginning of their term the new Forres Community Council said that they were going to establish a sub committee to oversee the

Common Good.

Regretfully they have not done this and we, the public are still suffering as a result.

May I propose that they establish this committee as soon as possible.

Bob Hellyer

High Street, Forres

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