Published: 06/03/2017 08:55 - Updated: 28/02/2017 12:40

Drive-by dumpers are a pain

I am concerned about the amount of y tipping that goes on at the Longley layby near Brodie where I run my burger van.

Some of the rubbish Gemma gathered in one day last year.
Some of the rubbish Gemma gathered in one day last year.

The area is behind the crash barrier that was put up by the railway.

Tere is a small wooded area here where people and businesses discard of their rubbish.

I went in myself on Boxing Day and removed 12 bags of rubbish as well as half a fridge, tyres, full bags of clothes, crockery sets and many things we maybe shouldn’t even mention.

There is still some roofing material and piles of builder’s rubble which I am unable to move by myself.

I have asked who is responsible for picking it up and was told at the recycling centre that is the problem of the rail track operator and not the council.

I am trying to keep this area tidy as it’s now my place of work and I want it to be nice and clean for myself and customers.

There are people who go along every week and fll the bins with their waste dumping everything from paint tins to cardboard and more.

All of this could be taken to the dump and disposed of at no cost.

I don’t see the majority of it being dumped as most of it is done at night.

Some people do drive in during the day and fll the wheelie bins with their stu and there are others that don’t bother using the bin, they just dump things beside them. There are even regulars who take there rubbish here every week.

It’s crazy how lazy people are.

What do other readers think?

Gemma Mackintosh, Macs Snacks

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