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Cluny Hill light show way over the top

I write this letter to voice my protest at the ‘extravaganza’ that is ‘Colours of

The reader complained that the cost on the environment is too much
The reader complained that the cost on the environment is too much

 Cluny’. In my opinion, it should not be allowed to take place again, the cost to the environment, and the disruption it has caused is too great for what you get for you money. I understand that, as an adult, it will cost me £8 – £15 (depending what day I go) to engage in the event.

And what do I get for my money? I get to walk up Cluny hill, under different coloured lights, at night. I must not forget that I could buy a burger/cake/brew at the halfway point and then at the top.

Do not get me wrong, what the company have achieved is impressive. Nelsons Tower looks fantastic with the light display. However, I would not pay that amount of money to walk up my local hill – which I do most nights of the week anyway under torchlight.

For all those wanting to save a bit of money, here is an option that is completely free. Starting at Forres police station, walk up the road towards Smith and Catto funeral directors building. Free

courtesy of the council street-light display. My main concern is with the environmental impact. I walked up there when the site was being set up and was astonished at the damage that the vehicles have done to the paths leading up to the tower.

I understand that they have had to use allterrain vehicles to get the equipment up there. This has churned up the well-bedded paths into a complete mess.

I also have the following questions- What about the carbon footprint – how much toxic fumes are the generators pumping out per night?

What has been the effect of all this unnatural noise and light had on the resident wildlife of Cluny Hill? Having seen the effects of the‘human footprint’ on previously untouched forest areas around the world, I would stake my life savings on the fact that this ‘extravaganza’ has had a negative effect on the wild life found around the woodland area.

I live in Drumduan, approximately 800m away from the tower, and I can hear, and feel the noise being omitted from the speakers. What effect is this noise having on the wildlife that live 800 centimetres away from the event!

I seriously hope that the indigenous wildlife have not been scared away by the disruption caused by the building and execution of this event. I seriously do.

Yet again human greed has stamped all over a natural environment that has so much more to give without the fancy lights and music display.

If this is what it takes to get people active after dinner – then society as a whole is doomed. Human beings are always searching for sensual gratification whether it be in sweet foods, music, touch, new sights etc.

Companies prey on this and offer sweeter foods, new visual experiences etc in order to get you to part with your money. In the following paragraph, I give you an alternative. For the cost of a cheap head torch, you can walk up Cluny Hill on any night of the week, pretty much free of charge. On you way to the top, you will be treated to an audio display like no other.

For example, the sound of local owls, the scattering of squirrel or other wildlife in the trees and on the ground, the rustling sound of leaves beneath your feet, the sound and feel of your breath in the cold

night air.

Once at the top of Cluny you will be treated to a fantastic visual display. You will be able to look to the sky and see a stellar display like no other. Stare long enough and you will see passing satellites, meteor showers, perhaps the international space station, if you go at the right time of day, and an infinite number of stars. Look across to Findhorn Bay and you should be able to see the northern lights, only if the farmer who lives on the plains between Forres and Kinloss will turn off his permanently on security light.

Benefits to you. You will be getting free physical exercise, and would have contributed to your overall mental, spiritual and physical health – all for the cost of a cheap head hand torch. Finally, the cost to the environment will be... virtually nothing. You will have heard the song of nature in all its glory and would not have left a big human stamp on the area.

Unfortunately I fear that this protest will be in vain. I understand fully that in modern day society ‘money talks’. Where there is money to be made – the environment always takes second place. Human greed has once again spoilt an area of natural beauty for the sake of material gain and sensual pleasure.

I hope that this letter gets through to some likeminded people, particularly at the council, so that this event never returns to Cluny Hill. I would suggest as a compromise that only the tower is lit up at night, and people walk under head torch to see it at the top. The burger vans, music and illumination of the pathway are far too


Name and address supplied.

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