Published: 21/03/2012 09:30 - Updated: 21/03/2012 12:46

Gazette launches NHS dentist campaign

Written byTanya McLaren


FOLLOWING a huge show of ­interest by the public in registering for an NHS dentist, the ‘Gazette’ has a supply of forms for interested individuals to complete.

Bring a dentist to Forres
Bring a dentist to Forres

NHS Grampian has agreed to take the forms, to gauge interest on how many people in the town wish to register.

However, although they have agreed to taking the forms, a spokesman for NHS Grampian said they want to make it clear that no dentist has confirmed plans to move to the town, and filling in the form does not guarantee a place with a dentist in Forres yet.

She said that although developer Springfield Properties has revealed plans to build a dental studio on one of their Forres ­estates, as yet there are no plans or dates for a dentist to operate in Forres.

In last week’s edition, we ­revealed how dental students are due to graduate in Scotland this year, and may be encouraged to move to the area, particularly if there was a confirmed patients list.

“This is nowhere near happening in Forres yet,” said a spokesperson. “An NHS dentist in Forres could still be some way down the line, and in these circumstances it is still a private matter for the developer.”

The forms can be collected and returned to the ‘Gazette’ ­office or sent to the address on the form.

Alternatively, e-mail us at ­ and we can send you one to print off and complete.

The ‘Gazette’ plans to keep the NHS informed as to the number of people who have collected the forms.

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