Published: 12/04/2017 08:55 - Updated: 11/04/2017 16:08

Forres teen goes extra mile for Eileidh

A YOUNG man from Forres has been fund raising to make a difference to a child suffering with cancer.

Kieron Martin (15), who lives next door to Eileidh Paterson who has stage 4 Neuroblastoma, asked people to sponsor him on two gruelling challenges he did with Skillforce at Forres Academy.

Kieron with the leaflet he made and delivered locally to let folk know about his fundraising.
Kieron with the leaflet he made and delivered locally to let folk know about his fundraising.

He also pledged to shave his hair off if he raised £100. He told the Gazette that any money he made would go towards Eileidh’s bucket list fund, started by her mum raise cash to take her back to Disneyland and make memories while they still can.

"The money will allow Eileidh’s mum to give her things that she wants," said Kieron. "She lives next door to me and I’d like to help her and her mum."

He added: "If she hasn’t got long left I want to try and raise as much as I can to help her."

Keiron, who has a paper round with Sue’s News on the High Street, had leaets printed up to put through local houses to let people know what he was doing.

"I’m just trying to raise as much as I can," he said. "Eileidh’s family are suffering too."

Sue West, who runs the shop, said: "He’s a really nice young man and I think what he is doing is great. Plus, he did it all off his own bat."

Eileidh’s mum, Gail Paterson, was really impressed with how hard Kieron has been trying to raise funds.

"He has talked about it for a while, trying to come up with good ideas," she said. "He’s raised an impressive amount already."

She added: "He’s always offering to lend a hand too and Eileidh adores him."

Eileidh (5) has been treated for cancer since she was diagnosed in 2014, going through a range of gruelling treatments including several courses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

She travelled to America for treatment after the community helped raise £100,000 to send her there.

Unfortunately, the disease returned and most recently she has been treated for a tumour in her face, which at one point was so severe that it threatened to dislodge her teeth. Someone had to stay with her at all times to make sure she didn’t choke if they came loose.

Gail has documented the horrific truth about the treatment on a Facebook page, Eileidh’s Journey.

The family were in London recently for more scans ahead of possible new treatment trials. Gail was hopeful the doctors had gained control to prevent the tumour from growing but the long-term prognosis is not good.

She told the Gazette: "Radiotherapy has made a huge difference so far, but what happens after if finishes worries me though as no-one knows if it will start growing again."

To find out more visit Eileidh’s page at:

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