Published: 30/08/2017 08:55 - Updated: 30/08/2017 11:14

Forres big bang theories explained

Big bangHUGE bangs heard in Forres on Sunday, August 23 were the talk of the town for days.

A number of locals reported massive explosions shaking their walls and windows as far away as Rafford at around 7.30pm on that night but no one could explain them.

The Gazette asked the local police and army but neither organisation had an answer.

Fortunately,HM Coastguard Moray released an explanation.

It read: “The large bang was the result of some unexploded ordnance (bombs etc) that had been found earlier in the day.

“Our Coastguard officers from Nairn attended to assist the Police and the Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal team from Edinburgh.

“Worryingly, these items were dug up by people metal detecting who continued until the whole bomb was out of the ground.”

The devices were discovered on Culbin beach, between Findhorn and Nairn at about 2.30pm that Sunday afternoon.

Culbin’s coastline was used to prepare troops for the D-Day landings in 1944 and undetinated devices have been found on a number of occasions buried in the sand since.

Coastguard crews sealed off the area until the disposal experts detonated the munition safely hours later.

A bomb disposal unit vehicle was later spotted on Forres High Street fuelling rumours of a device planted somewhere in the town.

The coastguard service has warned anyone finding anything suspect on the coast to: do not move or touch it; keep others away from it; call 999 for the coastguard to provide a description and location; stay nearby until the team arrives.

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