Published: 25/08/2017 08:55 - Updated: 22/08/2017 14:49

Findhorn beach road is stopping tourist visits

Scarred roadA ONCE-popular road, now scarred with potholes, is proving almost impassable for visitors.

The shore road to Findhorn beach, was repaired in 2015 by Findhorn and Kinloss Community Council with help from 39 Engineer Regiment.

However, it has since disintegrated, once again causing problems for motorists.

Local photographer Neil Ellison is one of many people who are concerned about the knock-on effects of the erosion.

He said: "We went to the beach the other day and noted the road is getting worse.

"The size of the potholes is beyond belief, especially as it is used by tourists and locals to get to the beach and the new beach huts.

"I know it is an ongoing matter but something needs to be done by someone now."

The road, once owned by Novar Estates, was bought over by Findhorn Village Conservation Company last year.

Chairman of Findhorn and Kinloss Community Council (FKCC) Les Morgan is open to suggestions of affordable, long-lasting solutions.

He said: "The beach road, as we call it, has been a constant source of complaints from the public over many years.

"FKCC was previously successful in obtaining funds from Berry Burn to repair the potholes.

"With those, and some of our own limited funds, we bought tarmac and 39 Engineer Regiment kindly provided the manpower to repair the potholes.

"However, although the repairs have lasted quite well, other potholes have emerged and its true to say the road is once again in a terrible state.

"Understandably, Moray Council will not spend the enormous amount of money required to carry out permanent repairs."

Mr Morgan added: "Incidentally, there is some truth in the opinion that if the road was to be upgraded to a proper tarmac surface, we would then receive complaints that it was being used as a speed track.

"Suggestions for cheap and reasonably long-lasting temporary repairs would be welcome."

Unfortunately a new tarred surface leading to the beach road stops at the edge of a new housing development.

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