Published: 14/04/2017 08:55 - Updated: 11/04/2017 16:15

Disgust at charity shop break-in

CALLOUS thieves stole eight bags of donated clothing from a local charity shop.

Macmillan staff at the scene of the crime.
Macmillan staff at the scene of the crime.

Staff at Macmillan Cancer Support on 48 High Street discovered a storage shed in the alley outside had been broken into and around £90-worth of items taken.

Macmillan volunteer Audrey Grant was sad to hear the "terrible" news from her colleagues.

She said: "Going into someone’s shed and stealing is bad enough but from a charity is even worse.

"There isn’t a lot the police can do as CCTV doesn’t focus on the alley but they have promised to keep an eye on the shop."

Fellow volunteer Sheila Campbell was disgusted by the "desperate" theft but believes it could have been prevented by charity.

She said: "If they’d have just come in to see us, we would have helped them out!

"People who steal from charity shops are sad. We’ve been here since the ’80s and this has never happened before."

Police confirmed enquiries are ongoing.

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