Published: 25/10/2017 09:04 - Updated: 24/10/2017 12:43

Bomb find in wood sparks latest alarm


A controlled blast at Culbin Beach
A controlled blast at Culbin Beach
MORE than 10 unexploded bombs have been found in local woods over the past year.


The local coastguard made the revelation when reporting the latest controlled detonation at Culbin Beach last Wednesday morning.

He said: "Around 11 or 12 unexploded items have been discovered in the area this year.

"The shifting sands on that coastline have been particularly active.

"I believe it was used for practice D-day landings during the Second World War, which might explain the number of historical finds over the years since."

Forestry Commission Scotland owns the land. Environment ranger Alan Campbell pointed out that, despite recent statistics, the chances of finding unexploded ordinance are slim.

He added: "During WWII the Culbin was requisitioned by the Ministry of Defence for manoeuvres. A section of the beach and woodland was used to practice trench-digging.

"In the past, tree-fellers have told us about finding shrapnel in the trees so they had to be extra careful with their saws."

The coastguard received a call from the police at around 3.30pm last Tuesday to say that a member of the public had found an unexploded device more than two miles from Nairn, just inside the old Bar at Culbin.

An overnight watch was imposed at the site to prevent anyone else getting near it.

The Edinburgh Army Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team arrived on Wednesday morning and detonated the device safely at 11.30am.

"Ordinance is generally safe if left alone," advised the coastguard.

"If you find something, call 999 and ask for us, then provide as detailed a description as possible including shape, size, colour, markings and location." 

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